QuestionYou're so damn lucky to get to meet Hussain. I envy you a lot! :/ But in which school are you studying? Answer

hahah Ii am in City College now in NYC but I went to Bryant HS :p




This part was hilarious LMFAOOOO

I love The Lavigne Life

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"A Bride’s Tale: Editorial from Harper’s Bazaar Bride India"

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QuestionDear past me Answer


dear past me,

there is nothing i wish i could do more than come to you and hold you and tell you that the worst days will be over soon. except maybe to tell you how proud i am of you. i know that nothing make sense and that everything hurts and i know that you’re scared and you’re tired. i know that the nightmares make you think you’re losing your mind and you’re absolutely sure that it will never get better.

here’s the secret: stop fighting yourself and start fighting everything else.

you are who you are who you are who you are. it hasn’t changed since you were a kid and it isn’t going to change now. accept that girl and love her and give her a warm place to sleep at night. turn your anger at the things that deserve it. get rid of the shitty guy that broke your heart. i know you love him and i know you want to save him but he isn’t worth the space on your lifeboat. while you’re at it, stop talking to anyone that was involved in the parts of your past that make you cringe. they don’t believe you can grow and when you’re around them, you don’t believe it either. tell your parents and your sisters and your brother and your best friends the truth. they will cry but then they will kiss you on the forehead and hold your hand while you walk into the inferno.

you can do this. you are stronger than you could have ever imagined and there is more love and light coming to you than you would have ever believed.